Current Projects

Asheville Rising

Here we go.  College Textbook News is no more,  All World Dance is preparing for a January launch and netweed lurks in the background, always ready for action!  Oh, yeah, Cultural Research will also play a role in 2011.

At this point, I feel like I'm a week behind which isn't bad at all.  That could change but things are finally falling into place.

"Next week will reveal all," states the Magic 8 Ball.

College Textbook News Down, All World Dance Up

Wow!  College Textbook News will soon be no more.  Though I usually try to keep up even short-lived blogging experiments, I have a separate account for CTN and that's just enough for me to take it totally offline as I tidy up my digital house.

It's all about cutting my burn rate as I prepare for the launch of All World Dance, a dance portal, soon to be my major focus in tandem with a dance-related writing project inspired by my dissertation.

Reviving netweed

netweed was one of my earliest web projects and continues to be an important base of operation for some of my ongoing work.  I've been focusing the site a bit and giving it some much needed attention in preparation for rebuilding its presence featuring Hip Hop and Music Industry news and web resources, Paper Plant activities and Clyde Projects.

Current Status: Slow Transition

It's taking me awhile to move from being primarily a hip hop web media guy and to start focusing more deeply on College Textbook News.  However, it's gotten me posting at Cultural Research again, now with an explicit focus on disruptive innovation in higher education, and where I'm headed with College Textbook News is becoming much clearer.

In addition to building a legitimate B2B textbook industry web site with related services, I more generally want to inhabit that space where folks are exploring how technology can disrupt education related enterprises in a positive way.  Not all will be good but I do believe that the potential for more affordable yet higher quality options exists from the level of textbooks to advanced education.

However, since some of my interest in textbooks involves marketing outlets to college students, I've decided to continue some of my blogging about hip hop at Hip Hop Logic, a revived site, and at Ill Moves: Hip Hop Dance.  In addition, I'll continue my activities at Hip Hop @ netweed.

So I'm keeping connected to hip hop and youth culture and considering some new projects at netweed but mostly planning to focus on College Textbook News with related work at Cultural Research.

Note: I've just started doing some open web resource gathering for the University of the People's library service and am pondering the development of additional open education resources.  These will be reported on mainly at Cultural Research though I will also be discussing open textbooks at College Textbook News.